About Germany

Germany is the center of various higher education institutions that cater to various programs of study. Majority of the universities are state-funded and hence have a minimal tuition fee. There are some colleges like the University of Applied Sciences which provide practical training to students. They aim to prepare them for a career, which will require the implementation of academic knowledge and practical creativity. Apart from universities, there are various internship programs that are offered by organizations in Germany. Interns get a chance to choose a company that is specific to their field. Quality oriented teaching and prime focus on research,A graduation system which gives a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree instead of a Diploma and Magister. This is done so as to attain an international competitive degree and attract foreign students,Foreign students greatly benefit from partnerships and agreements between German and foreign universities. For courses that permit only a limited number of students, international students are offered a privileged university place quota,Scholarships and grants are provided to Indian students by certain organizations such as the DAAD Scholarship Database, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG-German Research Foundation) and Capital Building International,Foreign students can also work in Germany even without having a work permit for 90 days. Some German states even permit students to work during semester breaks.